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One generation for God

The Joshua Generation ministry aims at recapturing what the enemy has stolen and to build one solid generation for God. Our ministry comprises of youth from every walk of life, gender, castes and denominations. The sole purpose is to spread the message of Christ through whatever medium possible in the best possible way. We consider today’s youth as a very powerful weapon against Satan and his schemes. Hence, all our activities and projects actively involve the youth. We desire to raise a radical youth army for God.



Below are a few activities that the Joshua Generation ministry undertake:


Our youth team comprises of young and dedicated people who were once lost and blinded by the evil vices of this world like addictions, worshiping idols, lusts of the flesh, etc. but today have not only been transformed by the gospel but also draw many to the marvellous light of our Lord Jesus Christ through their testimonies and life.

We believe that worship is a lifestyle which is dependent on one’s relationship with God. So we aim at moving in the anointing of the Holy Spirit as we offer our skills to God. Since India is a diverse country our Worship Team to lead according to the target audience,
for example, the worship set-up & strategy in an Evangelical Meet is different to that of an
Intercessory Prayer and so we believe in operating in the sensitivity & leading of the
Holy Spirit. In this way they make society and churches dance to the tunes of the Rock of the ages in humble dedication and life surrender to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

ELAAN www.facebook.com/elaanjg

We have an All Girls Worship Team that ministers and caters to the ladies. Encouraging women to come forth and step into the authority that God has given them, also, leading them to a point of intimacy and rest with God.



Being in the center of the market yet being an ambassador of Christ as we deal with clients from different fields of expertise. Some of our ventures are mentioned below:


i) ETERNITY SOLUTIONS: This is Christ centered company that provides employment to the youth who have come from extreme backgrounds and pasts that have accepted Christ and given their lives to the Lord. It also helps in their rehabilitation by grooming them spiritually.

5] SPORTS MINISTRY: JOSHUA GENERATION FOOTBALL CLUB,is a vision being executed to reach out to the youths through the medium of sports. Members of the ministry are part of the management & key figures in the club. Youth who are mostly unbelievers are mostly ministered through JGFC.



God has put a song in all our hearts. So we encourage youth to come forth with songs that God has given them and to draw from the core of God. We have released a few albums Har Ek Praja Pranth; Sajda Karun and are on the verge of releasing our third album Aye Khuda.



We conduct Conferences keeping Christ the centre of every event. The topics picked for our seminars are the current issues that have caused people a lot of problems and confusions in their lives, thus taking them away from Christ. Our seminars serve to make the people realize the problem and provide them with Biblical solutions for the same. Also our Worship Teachings focus on intimacy with God & other lifestyle and character issues connected to God and people. The Prophetic aims at opening the supernatural and making it accessible, also to drive people towards their call and to activate every gift and fruit of the spirit given to us by God.


Our ministry conducts Youth Camps called as Youth Explore, to the youth, for the youth & by the youth. Youth Explore is like a mini demo of how life with God can be, thus encouraging unbelieving youth and youth that have gone cold n churches to “Break Away” from the everyday clutter, commotion and slow-moving routines of their lives and to enter into an everlasting relationship with the one and only Hero of all times, Jesus Christ. The Youth Explore helps the youth to fully explore the real person within him/her, through our Lord Jesus Christ.



This is a very important part, it keep us humbled and prepared to minister anywhere, anytime. We take what God has given us and impart it to the people we encounter so everywhere we go we are not just impact or ministering but also raising warriors for the kingdom. In this way we take God’s presence to places in complete darkness awaiting the marvellous light, also to those villages and places that are hardly heard of.


 9] NETWORKING: We also look strengthening the body of Christ by networking with other churches and ministries so we can be used to empower the church through our music and ministry.

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