Our Belief

His Birth    -  Matthew.1:21-23

His Death      John 19:30

His Resurrection – Luke 24:46-48

His Blood cleanses us from all sins – I John 1:7

Baptism in Water in the Name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit – Matthew 3:16

Baptism in the Holy Spirit & Fire – Luke 3:16

Holy Spirit will be with you & in you    -  John 14:15-18

Holy Spirit gives you power to witness    -  Acts 1:8

Holy Spirit gives you power to work signs, miracles & wonders – Mark 16 17-18

Holy Spirit gives you ability to manifest His power -   I Corinthians.12:7-11

Preaching the Gospel, making disciples & training them – Matthew 28:19-20

The Return of Jesus Christ to take His Children – John 14:1-4

God has appointed Apostles, Prophets, evangelists, Pastors & Teachers in the church to prepare, edify, and mature  God’s people – Ephesians 4:6-13

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